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  • WRITTEN CONTENT is a little two million piece addition to DOWNLOAD HD™ that takes it into another realm. It offers the most comprehensive prep service in radio and a new way to locate and manage content of every kind.
  • TOPICAL CONTENT is a staple of the industry, and now you can find it in the easiest icon-driven environment possible.
  • TIMELESS WRITTEN CONTENT has never existed in radio prior to DOWNLOAD HD™. It's a fascinating compendium of more than 20,000 tidbits of quick lifestyle tips (household, financial and medical) and short factoids (weird holidays, bumper stickers, clichés, cool stories about specific songs and artists, quick quotes, numbers, retro, crazy laws and the coolest compendium of 4,000 pieces of trivia you've ever seen). Perfect on air or on your station's website.
  • DIRECT LINKS/TOOLS completes the content universe of DOWNLOAD HD™. Real-time sports stats (individual and team, pro and college), weather, news, six encyclopedias, five dictionaries, 15 search engines, 735,000 song lyrics, 25,000 instant bios, every music, movie and television awards, embedded stopwatch, calculator and calendar, the U.S. Constitution, comprehensive medical and drug information and literally a million more. And you can check out every site on the web directly from DOWNLOAD HD™, store as many as you want and delete them when the mood strikes you.