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  • You will never be format-restricted when it comes to material. More than 25,000 cuts offer you the greatest range in radio. DOWNLOAD as many cuts as you want simultaneously at high res (256k) MP3 or full bandwidth (16 bit, 44.1K) WAV files.
  • The best place to start judging imaging tools is SOUNDS. Their importance never dissipates. The biggest, thickest sounds on earth have always belonged to the group that does them for more network television promos and movie trailers than any other. More than 2,700 sounds in 69 different categories. From the basics to the most radical new composite sounds, discover the domination of unrelenting waveform modeling.
  • MUSIC for imaging is a precise science and a flexible art form. Frame the voice so that it becomes a powerful lead instrument. Anticipate every possible imaging need. It's easier to do when you've been there. And we have. From driving intensity to open and ethereal, the music is all about useful. And no one in history does holiday music like DOWNLOAD HD™. More than 2,800 music beds and logos in 54 categories.
  • You probably have a pretty decent collection of DROPS that you've compiled over the years. You have favorites you can easily find. You have some that require an hour or two of searching. We have the most awesome drop collection in history (more than 9,300 in 52 categories) and the search engine to match. Access is instant. And quality is beyond compare. No music in the background. More killer vintage drops (including impossible-to-find training films and old documentaries) than you can imagine. This is as fun as it is amazing.
  • The EXTRAS you won't find anywhere else. 1,887 Voice Tech custom identifiers, 1,020 television themes, 928 digitally recorded listeners that we have done in the field, 782 callers/winners, 878 comedy cuts and artist i.d.'s, movie themes and test audio that will provide warm company on a cold night.
  • PRE-PRODUCED material can save your butt and make you look like a genius only if it's absolutely premium, easy to find and highly flexible. DOWNLOAD HD™ is the motherlode. Ridiculous range, savagely smart and vigorously vast. More than 2,150 Air Ready Stagers and On Cue Promos in 67 categories.