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  • Let's make something perfectly clear. The 21st century offers decidedly amazing website possibilities. Radio projects are typically 20 years out of date when it comes to realizing those possibilities. DOWNLOAD HD™ changes the playing field forever.
  • Five levels of SEARCH. Keyword, exact phrase, new releases only, audio, text or both. STORE as many searches as you want. You'll never have to do them again.
  • Discover the myriad joys of PROJECTS. You can load as many cuts as you want in a project, name it, change the order, delete cuts and add them at will, download all the cuts with one click and know exactly what cuts you used on a project last year or last week.
  • TRACKING is something that no hardworking imager should be without. Make it automatic and make it two total recall systems, and you have only DOWNLOAD HD™. One turns the type on screen from black to red when you download a piece and the other gives you a system with dates/time and three user enterable fields.